The Deceit Doctrine
The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 467

LOL Luffy and Whitebeard are speaking friendly now? :D

Oh man… now Whitebeard’s crew is helping Luffy??? Awesome!

I love how this is like a chess game between Sengoku and Whitebeard!

OOOOOHHH!!! More past people!!! Fullbody from the Baratie and Django from Usopp’s village!!! LOLOLOLOL he still hypnotized them asleep!!!

Oh man… this Hina lady… well never mind… that was quick… lol

Here come the zombies!!!

Whoo!!! Jinbei to the rescue with salt water!!! :D

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 466

Time to turn back the clock just a bit!

OMG they’re riding that wave caused by Whitebeard! :D

Ah… and Aokiji froze it… makes sense.

Looks like Luffy’s started the mad rush toward Ace!

LOL Moria looks so distraught to see Luffy… and Boa looks relieved! :D

Eh? Luffy actually stopped Crocodile from attacking Whitebeard?

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 465

Oh man… another giant zombie corpse for Moria’s collection?

WHOA! Whitebeard took out that giant Vice Admiral in seconds!!! O_O

Wat… they’re using Oars as a bridge???

Well… there goes Coby…

OMG Akainu killed the other guy trying to run away??? Shoot!

Wow… Doflamingo just had that 13th division guy kill his crew…

OMG OMG OMG!!! The old lady marine has the same power as Califa!!! XD

Ah… major flashbacks for Garp… makes sense…

OH!!! Here come Luffy and the others!!! :D

How the eff did they get up there???

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 464

Just realized that this giant is Oz’s descendant!!! O_O

Well… there go the giants… lol


She’s got some pretty ridiculous moves!!! Everyone’s turning into stone!

Oh snap… Kuma’s gonna port that giant troll thing away hmmm?

Nope! It’s that giant exploding air paw thing!!!

Wow… even Oars is getting a flashback???

Awww… he had to aim for Doflamingo…

OMG he cut off his foot?!?!?

Oh… Moria dealt the final blow…

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 463

WHOA! That guy stopped Mihawk’s slash?!?!? WAT

Ooooo! He’s so shiny!!!

Uh oh!!! There goes Kizaru!!!

OH! It’s the first division commander!!! A mythical Zoan type eh? Is he a Phoenix?!?!? :D

The marines have a giant unit too? Geez!!!

Time for the power of the last admiral?!?!?

Oh! It’s Fire!!! XD

Ooops… there goes one of Whitebeard’s ships…

Oh man, Coby and Helmeppo are choking…

OMG WAT they have giants too???

This battle keeps getting more and more ridiculous!


Daren and I had a mini Guardians of the Galaxy photoshoot with Emily at AnimeFest 2014. I wish we had more of the group, but maybe another time. We still got some amazing photos!

Me as Gamora
Deceitmd as Star Lord

Photos by Drwotwot

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 462

Real battle time’s coming up now!!!

Oh man… where’s the water going???


Eh??? He ate the earthquake fruit???

Whoo Aokiji!!! XD

And the great battle begins!

OMG Mihawk’s doing something???


personal pics nyehehe

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 461

Dang! He’s got a bunch of ships and even more commanders!!! Legit!

OMG LOL Luffy nonchalantly told everyone about Ace’s father???

WAT?!?!?! He was breaking the fabric of reality???

Dang… Ace had quite the pirate crew going on… the Spade pirates???

AND he was offered a spot as a Shichibukai???

Shoot… a five-day battle with Jinbei???

LOL Ace has tried to kill Whitebeard before?

OMG Ace eats just like Luffy! LOL

Oh no! Teach killed Thatch for the fruit??? D:


Get the look!