The Deceit Doctrine
The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 448

Aw geez… Magellan’s taking out groups of the prisoners at a time…

Inazuma’s scissor power is so interesting!

LOL Buggy and Mr. 3 just keep stirring things up!

OMG Iva-san’s battle is so fabulous!

Oh man… Iva-san and Inazuma??? D:

Shoot! Magellan made it up there pretty quickly!!!

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 447

Oh man… he’s fighting out of rage… nothing good ever comes out of that…

OH RIGHT Blackbeard can neutralize devil fruit powers…

Jinbei with the interception! :D

Whoo! Iva-san got Sadi-chan’s whip! Time for her to scream! :D

WAT… Shiryuu’s killing all the guards??? I guess that it’s to be expected…

OMG LOL Sadi-chan!

WHOA Magellan just poisoned Blackbeard and his crew!!! O_O

Awww! Magellan’s expecting Hannyabal to be his successor!

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 446

SNAP! Hannyabal’s got some awesome techniques!!!

Oh man, gear second’s here… he’s done…

Oooo! A Hannyabal flashback!

Man… something sure has awakened in Hannyabal… he’s managing to hold off Luffy!

OMG they’re all peeing together??? LOLOLOLOL

Oh man… Blackbeard’s plans come to light…

Well… a fight against Blackbeard now…

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 445

Whoo Iva-san and his Hell wink!!! :D

Ooooo! The Newkama SIx Forces! :D

Yay! A tri attack with Luffy, Jinbei, and Crocodile!!!

LOL, I love how Mr. 3 and the prisoners love Buggy…

Shoot! Blackbeard’s sniper is awesome!

WHOA! Iva turned into a woman to fight Sadi-chan!!!

EH??? Hannyabal can actually fight???

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 444

Mr. 3 and Buggy are having flashbacks about their escape? LOL

Chaos everywhere!!!


Oh Ace…

Man… Blackbeard’s gone to Impel Down???

Shoot… Magellan just poisoned all of level 2???

Oh snap! They’re gonna release Shiryuu???

I guess I should have known that those guards that released him wouldn’t have a a chance…

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 443

Recruitment time for Crocodile???

But Iva knows Crocodile’s weakness?!? :D

WHOA! But recruiting Jinbei too?!?!

LOL Iva’s death winking the other inmates!

LOL Hannyabal’s freaking out!

OMG LOL “accidentally” injected the adrenaline into Bon Clay’s balls??? LOLOLOLOLOL

Dang Jinbei!!!

Mr. 3 and Buggy are bunkered down again??? LOL

OH! Mr. 1!!!

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 442

Of course Ace would be gone by the time Luffy gets there…

Ah, Ace can still hold his own even while in the sea stone handcuffs?

LOLOLOLOL Mr. 3 & Buggy’s adventures continue!

WHOA! Inazuma has scissor hands???

Hmmm… there goes Ace to the Navy…


"Each of you is so amazing, and so special. And I’m… not. I’m just the guy in the group who’s… regular.”

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 441

And now Bon Clay can rest… lol

Oh? That white and gold person changed genders again!

OH??? Iva-san is Dragon’s comrade???

LOL at Iva-san’s shock!!!

The okama are coming for Ace! :D

He can inject adrenaline too?!?!? Shoot!

Omg, the Mr. 3 and Buggy escapades continue!

Oh man… transport time for Ace…

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 440

The hormone fruit?!?!? So interesting!!!

OMG their Den Den Mushi is so fabulous! LOL

OH??? Level 6???

Oh??? There was another Warden??? And now he’s imprisoned?

Hmmm… time is just ticking away…

Props to Bon Clay’s dedication to their friendship though!!! :D


EWW! Luffy looks all nasty!

Whelp, never mind… lol