The Deceit Doctrine
The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 496

LOLOLOL the original Gomu Gomu no Pistol sucked!!! LOL

OMG they’re exploiting Luffy’s devil fruit powers!!! LOLOLOLOL

Eh???? There was an actual town there???

Ah… so they’re in the Goa kingdom, eh?

Ramen times!!! XD

Someone in High Town recognizes Sabo??? Hmmm…

I see… so they were just using Sabo to social climb…

OH!!! The sake sharing!!! :D


She is 9000% done with Moffat Loops. As are we all

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 495

Rescue time!!! Cue Ace and Sabo!!! :D

Ace is like 2 feet tall next to this Porchemy dude…

But they’re owning him!!! XD

Ace and Luffy’s friendship is blossoming!!! Among all the sparks… lol

LOL so Dadan has a problem saying no??? Good for Sabo!!!

They’re little trio is so awesome! The three musketeers! :D

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 494

It’s a landfill!!!

Exploring time for Luffy!!! :D

OH! Ace has a friend! And they’re both thieves… lol

LOL they’re fighting over who has to kill Luffy???

Oh Luffy… idiotic from the beginning… lol

Hmmm… Luffy’s also been getting beat up from the beginning too…

As usual, his tenacity’s pretty admirable…

Whoo!!! Ace and Sabo to the rescue!!! :D

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 493

Oooo! A new opening! :D

It’s full of flashbacks galore!!! I love it! XD

Ah! A flashback episode!!! Time to see how Ace and Luffy met! :D

LOL Garp keeps dropping kids on this Dadan person!

Hmmm… this explains why Luffy and Ace eat the way they do…

Well shoot… Ace was pretty mean at first… LOL

OMG Luffy’s such a little pest! LOLOLOL

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 492

Ah… it’s a One Piece x Toriko crossover???

Ok, I know nothing about Toriko… so I wonder how this is gonna be… lol

Oh??? It’s a full hour???

Hmmm… this animation style sure is interesting…

Omg wat??? It’s a meat tree???

Encounter time!!! :D

LOL Barbecue pigs???

Ah… so Toriko’s an ingredient collector???

Hmmm… Hungerilla Island? LOL

OMG LOL Toriko’ll only fight edible animals?

Hungerilla bird fight time!!! :D


While they feast… the others are starving on the Sunny… lol

Oh snap… there go Komatsu and Nami…


OMG a colorful rainbow man!!! XD

WAT a super swole cocoala???

Whoo!!! A combination LuffyxToriko attack!!! :D

The island turned into a giant sundae?!?!?!? LOLOLOLOLOL

That was a fun episode!!! :D

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 491

Oh?!?!? Iva-san’s leaving??? Is he going to where Sanji is?!?!? LOLOLOL


Geez… Luffy’s rampaging???

Whoo Trafalgar!!! Taking care of Luffy! :D

Ah… he’s got some serious PTSD going on right now…

But at least he finally gets his mourning time…

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 490

So the Navy’s reporting a “complete” victory? Hmmm…

Oh? All the rookie pirate captains are there???

Oh man, I guess Whitebeard really did have a hand in protecting some of the islands in the New World…

Oh snap… let all the government cover-ups begin!!!

LOL Trafalgar’s polar bear guy is hilarious!!!

Dang! Luffy’s all hooked up to the machines!!!

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 489

OH??? Trafalgar is a real doctor?!?!?!?

Oh man… Shanks looks like he’s ready to mess stuff up…

WAT surgeries without anesthesia?!?!?!?

Shoot! They barely escaped the ice!!!

LOL Boa’s ability to charm guys sure does always work in her favor!

LOLOLOLOL a Shanks and Buggy reunion!!!

And just like that… everything’s finished???

The Great One Piece Watching Marathon Ep. 488

There were more Marines hidden underground??? Where the eff did they come from?!?!?!?

Coby’s gonna have some serious PTSD after all this finishes up…

Geez… so many brutal happenings everywhere!

Whoa… Coby’s actually standing up to Akainu??? Hmmm…